Hailing from Ste-Claire, Émie Morissette is a popular, award-winning artist throughout Canada — featured at many art exhibits and media events — as well as the U.S. and (soon) Europe.

Émie produces the yearly Fine Arts Convention in Lévis city. She began teaching painting — at age eleven — to three students, and now has more than 200 under her tutelage! Her school — L’École des Beaux-Arts de Lévis — is considered one of the finest in the Province of Québec.

Émie’s taking new steps into the world of film. A few small roles in minor productions led her to a role in Star Trek Continues episodes 10 and 11 (“To Boldly Go” Parts I and II), in which she portrayed a relief navigator. There, she met and worked with producer Lisa Hansell and director James Kerwin, who were more than happy to have the opportunity to cast her in WHEN THE TRAIN STOPS.