This page is a place to honor those who have so generously supported our film.  Without these fine humans, we would not be able to bring you “When the Train Stops.”  Our sincerest gratitude goes to each end every name listed:


David Lieu

Michael Doleshal

Ed Obarowski

Rachel Bland

Michael Potts



Jack Zho

Therese ‘Tag’ Goulet

Q Fortier


Michael Parker

Ed Mower

Wayne Beckett

Gaz Williams

Mark Andrilla

Stephen Schumaker

Peter Cuniff

Todd Haberkorn

Chris Doohan

Cat Roberts

Stephanie Hall

Greg & Cherri Dykstra

Jim Cobb

Gary A Brown

Hannah Muldery

Dennis Reitz

Susan L. Blaine

David A. Williams

Lum C. Edwards, III

Kurt Kober

Bonnie Moss

Arthur Lewis

Rick Mann

Randy Hyde

Christopher G. Adams

Susan Fox

Kevin Bell

Brian OKeefe

Greg W Dalcher

Andrew Burke

James Varnum

Scott Kardel

Bill & Sandy Ross

Charles Rengel

Alexandru Ianu

Clarence W Thompson

Christine Fernandez

Daniel Balkwill

Sharon I. Aschenbrenner

Mia Shapiro

Katy Lyons

DonnaLynne Helton

Joe Balsarotti

Suffering Fools

Jeffrey Hilty

Vince Gagliardi

Dwain Yeater

John Melendez

Anthony Russo

Louis J Gruntz Jr.

Barbara Myers